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Skinner's Corner Store is an independently owned and operated grocery.
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Skinner's Corner Store is not affiliated with Skinner's Grocery of Longview, TX and is not a division of Norris-Smith, Inc.

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What's On Sale at Skinner's Corner Store?

There are a variety of ways to find out what's on sale at Skinner's Corner Store. 

  • Each week we publish a sales brochure featuring our Wednesday through Tuesday specials.  This brochure can be picked up in our store at the check counter, or by visiting our "Weekly Sales" web page right here on our web site where you view or download our weekly sales brochure in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format!
  • When visiting our store there are a variety of shelf tags that will help guide you as to what is on sale and the amount of savings that you can receive.
Sales Sticker 1 This style sales sticker features a special unadvertised price savings.  The only way you can find out about these sales items is by visiting our store.  It's just another way we like to say "thank you" for being a Skinner's Corner Store customer ... by giving you an opportunity for Xtra Savings!
Sales Sticker 2 We carry many brand names of products in our store.  We feature our own quality line of ShurFine products -- and we often put selections on sale for a limited time.  By purchasing one of our ShurFine sale stickered products you not only get a great quality product that is "sure fine", but you also get a great price.
Sales Sticker 3 Items that are featured in our Weekly Sales brochure are also shelf-tagged for easy identification.  We tag them as an "Advertised Special" so that you can quickly spot them, and place them into your shopping cart -- helping you to save time and save money!

And, you just might see a sales sticker or two where we take our marker and just quickly mark something on sale - just for you. 

Every day, every week we feature different items at sale and marked down prices.  It's amazing how much you can save just by keeping an eye open on our shelves as you browse our store, or by downloading our Weekly Sales brochure and checking it out against your shopping list!

Interested in getting coupons from major brand name companies that can be used in our store?  Follow this link to open a new window to an online coupon resource.