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Skinner's Corner Store is an independently owned and operated grocery.
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Skinner's Corner Store is not affiliated with Skinner's Grocery of Longview, TX and is not a division of Norris-Smith, Inc.

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Produce: Fruits and Vegetables

Skinner's Produce DepartmentNutritionists tell us that eating vegetables and fruits are a very important part of a healthy diet.  Additionally, they also highly recommend those vegetables and fruits that are locally grown!

Skinner's Corner Store excels at stocking locally grown produce when in season.  Vegetables and fruits grown by local Texas growers can be found readily available in our produce section.  This ensures you of the freshest and healthiest produce possible! 

Additionally, we are very persistent in making sure that every produce item inProduce Department our department is it's freshest and that their quality is the best possible.  Our produce employees are inspecting our stock, rotating our stock and adding new stock throughout the day, every day, making sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Like other grocery lines in our store -- we are focused on making sure that you receive the best value when you shop at Skinner's Corner Store.  Many unadvertised specials are featured in our produce department (as you can tell from the signs in the picture above). 

For freshest produce, at the best price, with the greatest quality, including locally grown produce, Skinner's Corner Store is the place to shop!