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Skinner's Corner Store is an independently owned and operated grocery.
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Skinner's Corner Store is not affiliated with Skinner's Grocery of Longview, TX and is not a division of Norris-Smith, Inc.

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Skinner's Corner Store - Meat Market

MeatOur meat market offers quality meats and cuts AND personalized service - our staff who wraps your meat order are the same ones who cut and prepare it, too.  Here at Skinner's Corner Store you'll be able to know our butchers by name as we provide you with the best selections of meats and complimentary grocery products. 

To the left is pictured some of the finest selections of meat found anywhere.  All of our cuts, whether it's New York Strip or Pork Loin, are done in our meat market by hand.  Our meat is cut fresh daily to ensure that you receive the freshest and best tasting meat possible.

Our Meat Market also provides a wide variety of ground beef from lean to extra lean, perfect for grilling or for any recipe calling for the quality you've come to expect from Skinner's Corner Store.

We've heard it said by our customers that Skinner's Corner Store Meat Market "has the best breakfast sausage" ever eaten.  Our breakfast sausage, like all of our ground meats, is ground fresh daily and made daily.  We won't tell you the secret recipe we use to mix and spice our sausage, other than it contains no chemicals or added preservatives (it's FRESH) -- but we will tell you that we're pretty proud of how folks just love it!

Many decades ago in the history of our country every community had a hometown grocer and a hometown meat market.  Your Roy and Jerome family would see the same folks serving them week in and week out.  America has changed dramatically as big name chains have taken over the shopping landscape.  Products are pre-packaged in sealed containers, shipped in large boxes to stockers who then place them on the shelf to be purchased. Extra preservatives are at times added in order to extend the shelf life of meat products.  In big name stores the workers change around the clock, you barely see them, let alone have opportunity to know them, and them to know you and your needs. 

Pictured to the right is Roy and Jerome.  Their combined years of serving the Longview/Lakeport community as skilled butchers exceeds 50 years.  Many of our customers already know them by name, and they, too, know many of our customers by name!  Our meat products aren't cut, packaged and sealed in some unknown factory to be placed on the shelf in a mass market fashion.  Our meat products are cut fresh daily and displayed in our cases where we assist you in hand picking the cuts you want to place on your dinner table!  Our butchers,  like Roy and Jerome, will provide you the kind of service that only caring and personal hometown grocers can provide, even to the point that you may call in your order in advance and we'll have it ready and waiting when you walk up to the counter.

Quality, personalized service, selection, freshness, weekly advertised sales and special unadvertised sales, you won't find this kind of shopping experience anywhere other than Skinner's Corner Store!

Pictured below is Skinner's Corner Store's Meat Market Team! L to R: Chris Murphy, Tony Beason, Jerome Susik, Roy Hollingsworth, Teri Debenport, Michael Irwin, Stephen Skinner, owner of Skinner's Corner Store
(not pictured: Joey Gunn).
Skinner's Corner Stores's Meat Market Team

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