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Skinner's Corner Store is an independently owned and operated grocery.
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Skinner's Corner Store - About Us
How we've grown We are delighted that you are visiting our "About Us" web page!  We have added some photographs, that, where indicated, you may see in a larger format when clicking their provided link.  We hope you'll enjoy reading just a bit about our family and how we have been in the grocery business for three generations!

Skinner's Corner Store's owner and president, Stephen Skinner, is the third-generation of Skinners to become an East Texas Independent Grocer!  We're mighty proud of our family heritage of serving the grocery needs of East Texas.

It all began with the first generation of Skinners in the grocery business  back in the 1940’s with a man by the name of Lloyd Skinner.  Lloyd, at the age of 35, was the first member of the Skinner family to start a grocery store in Longview, Texas. Lloyd's store was opened on Judson Road in Longview.  This particular store closed in the 1960’s. The store closed at the same time that the state of Texas enacted sales tax laws. Our family history tells us that Lloyd closed the store because he didn’t want the “hassle of taxes”, at least according to what Lloyd’s wife, Arleta Skinner, has shared with our family!

Lloyd Skinner and Family
Pictured above, left to right back to front, Arleta, Lloyd, Billy and Arnold Skinner (click here to see a larger version of the above picture)

Skinner's SuperetteThe second generation (see larger version of picture) of Skinners to be in the grocery business were Arnold Skinner, at the age of 34, and Jerry Skinner, age 27, brothers, who opened their first store in 1972, Skinner's Superette on Judson Road in Longview.  Arnold and Jerry sold their store in September of 2001.

Stephen SkinnerStephen Skinner, the third generation of Skinners in the grocery business in the Longview area, graduated from Louisiana Tech with a degree in Business Management.  Shortly after graduating he opened the current Skinner’s Corner Store on April 16, 2003.   At the time of the opening of the now current Skinner's Corner Store Stephen was 30 years old.

An interesting side note about Stephen, while still in high school he began dating a young lady by the name of Alison Bailey (who is now Mrs. Stephen Skinner).  During their dating years they would often drive out to Lake Cherokee.  As they passed the building that is currently Skinner's Corner Store Stephen would remark to Alison, "some day I'll own that store". 

From Lloyd Skinner (Stephen's grandfather) in the 1940's, then to Arnold Skinner (Stephen's father) and finally to the dreams of a young high school boy, Stephen, and then to the fulfillment of those dreams today, serving the community as an independent grocer has been part of the Skinner family for more than 60 years.

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Show - Lloyd and Arleta Skinner standing outside their store. Show - Lloyd and Arleta in front of their first store on Judson. Show - Lloyd and Arleta Show - First buggy of groceries purchased at the now Skinner's Corner Store. Show - Skinner's Corner Store Ribbon cutting ceremony.
Show - Skinner's Corner Store Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Show - Skinner's Corner Store Grand Opening. Show - Skinner's Corner Store Grand Opening. Show - Stephen and Alison Skinner with Sarah Lucas who encouraged us to open our store for several years before we actually did! Show - Remodeling the inside of Skinner's Corner Store.
Show - Skinner's Corner Store Grand Opening.